Consent and processing of personal data at the

General provision

The Customer who has ordered the service from the Provider’s website on his own will, that the personal and company data are protected under the Personal Data Protection Regulation in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, hereinafter referred as “GDPR”. The Provider who has received the Customer’s data – IP address, first name, surname, residence and tax information and other data according to the order form is obliged to treat such data in a manner that is protected against misuse and complying with the “GDPR” standard.


Data processing 

Provider, its employees and contractual collaborators after obtaining data from the order, proceed in accordance with legal requirements, uses the data only for the purpose for which it was provided by the Client. The reason is the execution of the order. The data are subject of the  protection. The data are offered by the Client by sending the order and subsequent communication, if there are provided further data, Client  agrees with their processing for the purpose of execution, storage, recording and invoicing of the order. Otherwise they may be used only with the Client’s consent. Anyone who handles GDPR data must be instructed, except for outside persons whose responsibilities arise from the law. 

Place the order 

The information entered by the Client in the necessary form is processed for the order, contact with the customer and the provider. The data are used and archived only for this purpose, unless the Client gives the consent to the other use. Payment information is protected by the payment gateway provider and nobly else has access to it. Other payment information is also subject to banking secrecy and GDPR. Only the authorized employee of the provider and clerks,  which havel legal obligations, tax officers and official authorities have the rights to get this information. 


Also in the case of complaints of data in the processing thereof, the Provider shall comply with the GDPR and protect and treat them with the same way as the data in the Order and like the other provided data of the Client. 

Exclusion of the use of personal data 

The service provider on the website undertakes to use personal data only in connection with the execution of the inquiry, order and all negotiations or contacts concerning the execution and successful execution and completion of the contract concluded at a distance with the client. Provider shall not be liable for defective or foreign data provided by the Client by mistake or intentionally.

Information Sources 

If the provider of uses other electronic services and social networks to execute, promote, request and order for the client, he is entitled to use this personal data also on the mentioned channels, but with due caution, with which the client gives his consent. He may withdraw this consent at any time. Without the ordering party’s knowledge, it is not possible to process personal data according to GDPR for other activities, promotion, mass emails and providing data to third parties. 

Other using of the data 

By the Article 6 par.1 of the GDPR, the website provider and its authorized persons use data to protect their interests and legal procedures related to their commercial and business activities. The Provider is entitled to exercise his rights to use personal data for unauthorized requests, procedures and other activities that financially or otherwise harm him. Personal data is also used in accordance with the law for accounting, auditing and compliance with state authorities’ claims under statutory authorizations. 

Client rights 

The Client has the right to request the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Czech Republic to investigate the procedure of handling and managing its personal data. At the same time, it may request access to personal data, rectify and delete personal data, change the way, which personal data are processed and transfer them or get the information of the processing. The user must request such changes and claims in writing to the contacts listed on the provider’s website. The conditions for granting consent to the use of the above data are valid and effective on the day the order is sent by the customer to the provider. Prague, 2.2.2020     





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