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The content and validity of these Terms and Conditions (in the next „TC“) is applied only to the website www.transferspraha.cz. TC are obliged for the business relationship between the website operator (hereinafter referred to as the “provider”) and the “orderer” – concluded by ordering in electronic form, which is a service – transfer by transport, excursion, accomodation or other services presented on these web pages. These TC are governed by the valid and effective legal regulations of the Czech Republic.

The owner and operator of the website www.transferspraha.cz is the company NetVote s.r.o. with  registered seat at Prague 1, Vojtěšská 211/6, Czech republic, company registration number 08302936.

For any use of the website services listed therein, the data and contacts stated on the website www.transferspraha.cz is binding and their application creates obligations of the legal relationship between the orderer and the provider.

These TC regulate the rights and obligations between the provider and orderer, while fullfiling the standard services. The Provider shall not be liable for any mistake or wrongly specified demand or order of the Orderer. It may, however, grant a discount or compensation for such error by negotiation with the provider.

These Terms and Conditions are valid and effective from 2.2.2020.

For the orderer and provider the general provisions of Czech law and all the rights under the New Civil Code, as amended, is obliged. Liability for damage, deadlines for settlement and conclusion or withdrawal from the contract is governed by the provisions of this Act. Both the Provider and the Orderer agree that in case of disputes, the relevant Court is according by the registered office of the Provider.

Conclusion of business relationship

By sending the order, the Orderer concludes a distance contract with the Provider, the integral part of which is the Provider’s data, which are listed on the website www.transferspraha.cz and the Orderer’s data, the accuracy of which the Orderer guarantees. The Provider is not responsible for incorrect order and resulting partial or total defective services.

After completing the order, the client sends the order to the provider and at this moment the distance contract is concluded and its validity and effectiveness is in power. The Orderer may order services for himself or another person only if he is authorized to do it. The Provider then acts on the basis of an order on good faith with providing the order with accuracy, completeness and validity.

The Orderer also provides information, which is content of the tax documents. If the Orderer requires other data, is necessary to inform the Provider in a timely manner and with all the requisites according to the laws and regulations of the Czech Republic.

The Orderer may request the cancellation of the order if the Provider will agree for such a step. If the order is already placed or partially fulfilled, the Provider invoices this part of the fulfillment and the Orderer is obliged to pay it as if it was a completed order.

After receiving the order, the Provider will automatically confirm to the e-mail address or telephone or other service stated by the Provider that he has accepted the order. In the case of need in more possible information about the Orderer, the Provider can choose the method of communication, unless the Orderer asks him for a certain method of communication, that is common and available to the Provider.

After ordering, the Orderer makes a payment or, in the case of other options, pays a deposit. By accepting the ordered service on the data stated by him, the Orderer is obliged to pay.

The Provider saves orders in its data depository and the email communication, where only the Provider and its authorized employees have access. Each employee of the Provider is advised of the obligation to keep business secrets and Theky are liable for any damage, they may cause. Furthermore, the use of personal data is governed by the GDPR regulation presented on this website.

All other arrangements not mentioned herein shall be governed by general law and in the event of changes or deviations from these Terms and Conditions, they must have a written confirmation of both parties in the form in which the order was made and must also be agreed by both parties. There is not possible any fiction of consent.

Competition clause

The Orderer confirms by sending the order that he will not conclude any other contract or order service with any person with whom he has dealt with or was in a relationship with him through the order or during the providing of the service agreed with the Provider. A contractual penalty is CZK 100,000 and compensation for lost profit in the amount of the price of order which the Provider shall be agreed for such activity and service. The fact that the Orderer has established and uses the services of a person from the Provider or in this kontext, gives obligation of the Orderer to notify the Provider.


All prices stated by the Provider on the website www.transferspraha.cz are fixed and unchangeable at the moment of placing the order. If a change of term or other conditions is required by the Orderer, the price may increase. However, the prices are not subject to any change after approval by the Provider when the order has been sent, the Provider hold the risk of the currency or other changes.

Prices are quoted to show whether they are with or without VAT.

The Provider is not responsible for the quality of the ordering and any inaccurate entry, nor for the quality of the connection and data transmission errors. If the client is not sure whether everything is in order and the order is already being executed, he may ask the provider for confirmation in another available way.

The costs of data transmission and related traffic are payed by each of the parties for themselves.


Payment conditions

Continously with the ordering, the Provider sents a confirmation and an invoice if requested. Otherwise, the Orderer receive a simple accounting document based on the information provided. An invoice is sent electronically as valid tax document as long as it contains all the requisites.

The payment can be made by the Orderer in the manner specified on the website www.transferspraha.cz or by transfer according to the information on the invoice. He can also arrange another payment method (by postal order, personnally). The choice of payment method is up to the Orderer. The Orderer have to know, that different types of payment have different deadlines for crediting the Provider’s account.

Bank and other fees associated with paymant for the order pays each of the parties themselves. The payment includes a receipt with a record  according to the EET Act.

Method of services

After sending and confirming the order, the Provider undertakes to provide the service within the agreed time in terms of the order and offer on the website. If the Orderer requests other services such as arranging accommodation, special excursions, escorts, etc., the supplement order is made by a price agreed of both parties by confirming the Orderer. The Orderer can use one of the methods listed on the website www.transferspraha.cz. The order is executed and handed over by performing the service.


The provider guarantees the correctness and quality. He is not responsible for a wrong order and is not obliged to change the service if there were any defects or errors. If the Orderer requires further services or changes above the existing and already ordered or performing services, the Customer must request it supplementary and, if necessary, pay for it.

General conditions

The Parties have agreed to resolve disputes by agreement. Complaints are only possible if there are obvious defects and errors that have arisen on the part of the Provider.

For the services listed on www.transferspraha.cz, the provisions of Section 1829 (1) of Act No. 89/2012, The Civil Code do not apply and the service cannot be returned within 14 days without giving any reason.

Any claim must be first dealt with the Provider. Defects are settled exclusively between both parties. For this reason could be used the contacts listed on the website or contacts presented by the Orderer.

By sending the order, the Orderer confirms, that he agrees with the price and these Terms and Conditions. In case of disputes, these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Czech law and the resulting procedures.

Prague, 2.2.2020




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